Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Deploy a web application from Eclipse to Bluemix

I have just started exploring IBM Bluemix and thought of sharing how to push your web application while is created using Eclipse IDE to Bluemix.

  • You need to create an account of your own on Bluemix to be able to deploy an application to Bluemix.
  • Before you start creating web application, you need to install eclipse plugin for Bluemix to your Eclipse IDE. You can search for eclipse market place (Eclipse >> Help >> Eclipse Market place). Type "Bluemix" in the Find in the market place console  as shown in the figure.

Figure -1 

Once we are done with plugin installation we are good to go.

Now Lets get in to topic -

Create a simple hello World Web Application in the Eclipse (Assuming you already know how to create a web application).Below image shows my web application structure.


Below Images shows the index.html which I have in my application. 

Figure -3

Once we are ready with web application, we need to create s server to deploy the web application. Now go the menu and navigate to Windows>> Show View >>Servers

Server View will be shown at the bottom of your eclipse.

Now add Server by clicking on the link in the above figure, which will open a console as shown below.



Click on Finish to add server. You will server added to the server view in eclipse.

Now in order to deploy the web application, right on the web application and choose Run on server and follow the steps as in below image and click on Finish at the end..




You will now see your application under the server as shown below.


The application is now deployed to Bluemix. When you login to Bluemix , in the dashboard your should see the newly created project now. Click on the project to navigate to the project details page which will show the Url to launch your project (You can of course change the URL to a different name).



Now to launch you application click on URL as highlighted in the above image.


There you go your application is ready. Don't think that it will be this easy while we deploy a real application, we are just getting started !!! :)

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